Auto Tech-New Range Rover Velar will be the ultimate luxury!

Auto Tech-New Range Rover Velar will be the ultimate luxury!
The all new, luxurious launch from Range Rover is a nice filler for the company’s high-end series. The good-looking car is so far the best as far as the interiors are concerned. Yes, the ‘Wool’ interior is the one thing that you won’t be able to ignore no matter how many times you throw a gaze at it. This will be a new trend in car-interior-designing-thing in the future-may be, surely. As comfortable as a soft feather, the seats make you throw all your tiredness and get on a soothing experience. The ‘velour Velar’ is so damn amazing!

When coming onto comparing itself with other highly priced models, it won’t disappoint those, looking for a stylish, luxurious, elegant, yet, standard design-and all that fits into this. The Range Rover, being a go-to brand among its followers will be having a good time with Velar as its certain that it will boost the revenues heavily.

The stunning, wool interior design of Velar.

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If you don’t believe the above written lines about the interiors, then have another look at the image above, and re-think. It just matches that premium-wool-kind-interior look, with the Bentley State Limousine of the Queen of England. Now, that’s something more than just a compliment for the Velar, isn’t it?

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Although it’s not uniquely built for having a varied look, when talking about the outer construction and design-being similar to that of its other costly sibling, the Range Rover Sport.

Moreover, the Velar will be available in three variants. It will come with a 380-horsepower supercharged V6, a four-cylinder turbo diesel and a turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine.

For making it efficient and smart enough for the consumers, there is Terrain Response and Active Progress Control modes, being complimented with a self-levelling air suspension.

The pricing of the Velar has been set at around $50,895. But it will be a sure-sure winner in the sales for Range Rover-expectedly.

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