How to guard yourself against various Ransomware kind of attacks?

How to guard yourself against various Ransomware kind of attacks?
As most of the nations have stood up to their toes against the infamous WannaCry Ransomware virus attack, that has resulted in a massive threat to all the professional and governmental institutions and users across the globe, you still might not be aware of what it actually is or how can you escape it. Itís very necessary for all of you that by now, you get informed about what to do and what not when itís about your PCís health risks, right?

Here are some useful tips by which you can prevent any suspicious, harmful and unwanted malware, malicious virus or ransomware from attacking your computer systems and also your smartphones, as they too are vulnerable to every kind of threat.

1) See that your OS is updated

Most of the PCs are running on outdated or pirated operating systems which are highly prone to each and every kind of unwanted virus attack since most of the users are not used to keep updating their systems. They think that doing that wonít be a Ďbig dealí. But itís the biggest mistake that they make and eventually get affected. Majority of the computers across the globe are running Microsoft Windows operating systems and many of them donít have the latest updates, which is a big reason that they have been attacked by WannaCry Ransomware. Earlier this year, Microsoft had released an update for ensuring the security of the PCs. These updates were released for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you are still one of those following the Windows XP tradition, then please, wake up and get the latest Windows OS version.

The Mac users, on the other hand are on a bit safer side than their Windows counterparts, since the iOS apps and softwares are properly tested and ensure a safe use for the users. The smartphones also should get the latest phone OSs especially the ones running on Android. Android users are on a higher risk of losing their private data to any unknown entity. Here, again iPhone users are safe as the iOS developers ensure that no app gets installed without full testing.

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2) Donít trust unknown files and sites

Beware of any kind of unknown link online and any file that can be dangerous to your system. You should never run files without scanning and please ensure that you are having an effective and trustworthy antivirus. In case you receive an unidentifiable file, send it to your junk or spam list in the mail box. Your User Account Control in Windows OS can be helpful in these situations as it is able to block programs like ransomware from gaining full access to your system.

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3) Backup your necessary files and other stuff

Well, it may sometimes happen, as it does, mostly, that even after taking all the steps regarding the safeguard of your phone or PC, they get attacked and become vulnerable to even more threatening risks. To prevent this, the best and most easy remedy is to make a backup of all of your highly important and confidential files and other data on an external hard-drive which is not connected to internet since hackers can always peep into your personal data via online platforms and softwares.

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