Loganís Laura bags her next big role in Ana!

Loganís Laura bags her next big role in Ana!
Logan has been the best movie this year, and everyone has praised it and watched it, over and over again. Well, there is a good news for all the fans of the film. Laura Kinney, aka Dafne Keen from the movie, who played a mutant and possessed the power of claws just like him, now has bagged her next big role! She will be playing the title role in Ana, alongside actor Luis Guzman. The film will be directed by House of Cards and The Good Wife fame Charles McDougal. The production will start from next month in Puerto Rico. While, the movie is written by Chris Cole.

Itís no surprise that Dafne Keenís Laura won each and everyoneís heart with her sheer excellence and exceptional performance alongside star Hugh Jackman, who was himself at his best as the clawed Wolverine.

Source : cdn.movieweb.com

Dafne Keen played X-23 who is as powerful as Logan but has even more tragic story. Although, Logan had deadly ending with Charles Xavier, Caliban and Logan himself meeting their deaths. Fans were heart-broken but they were elated with director James Mangoldís glorious vision of Loganís futuristic life and ending.

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