My First Love

My First Love
It was a beautiful night,

Everything seemed just right.

I was on cloud nine,

Hoping everything would be fine.

There were stories untold,

Which I could no longer hold.

Our friendship was immensely deep

but love had gradually begin to peep.

We couldn't be just friends,

Our relationship needed some new trends.

My next move could be brave or just insane,

For her love, I could risk our friendship again and again.

Ultimately arrived the confession day,

I couldn't tolerate even few seconds of delay.

My love was true

but I wasn't sure what to do.

Every time I see you my heart skips a beat,

It's your presence that makes me complete,

Roses are red, sky is blue,

Just wanted to say, I love you.

She said," we are friends and nothing much

To be honest, I could never get your touch."

Wish I could undo what I had done

I thought she was the one,

It's been six years since we last met,

Our last conversation still makes me upset.

In search of her love, I lost myself

Am still waiting for someone special,

In hope of finding myself once again.

-Varun Tripathi.

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