Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will be out in early 2018

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider will be out in early 2018
A new adventure for Lara Croft seems on the way as rumors have it that Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the next instalment in the rebooted game series will be out, but somewhere in early 2018. Now, thatís one more reason to rejoice for all Lara Croft fans after the iconic adventurerís reboot movie adaptationís news came out earlier this year-and the filming has already begun.

As per OPM UKís latest issue, it has been revealed that the said new Tomb Raider game will be released next year. But, thatís all as far as the news is concerned, because thereís no other inside story for the clarification on further details. And also, it may happen that the new gameís looks wonít be revealed, even in the upcoming E3 event, next month.

The details about the new sequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider were leaked last year in November, when a fellow passenger happened to be travelling on the Montreal subway alongside a member of Eidos Montreal, who had a presentation on his laptop regarding a new Tomb Raider game, titled ĎShadow of The Tomb Raider.í

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Tomb Raider was the first game in the reboot series which came out in 2013 and was followed by Rise of The Tomb Raider, in 2015. Both of the games were highly praised critically and by fans worldwide for their outstanding gameplay and a new looking and relatable, spirited Lara Croft.

Now, that itís known that the third instalment is on the track, the curiosity will just begin to rise from now on. Letís wait until the next big news breaks out on the game.

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