Dear Love

<b> Dear Love </b>
I have heard so much about you.

People say you are the most beautiful feeling in the world to ever be able to experience. That how amazing, awe-inspiring, and pure you are. Since childhood all we get to hear about are the fairytale love stories. The movies, the books, everywhere you play the hero. But is it all for real? Does happily ever after really do exist? Are you really a hero all the time, in every story, in every life?

There are times when seeing others in love makes me believe that maybe love is all that everybody needs, maybe love can make anything possible. That maybe you are the one who can make the world a better place to live. But then there are times, when I see people loose themselves into oblivion from the fear of losing the one they love. When people do things unimaginable, just to quench their thirst of love. When they end up walking on paths that lead to disastrous ends.

Isnít love supposed to bring the best out of you, support you? Isnít it about accepting and embracing the imperfections?

Isnít love supposed to be the key to a healthy and nourished relationship? Isnít love supposed to bring you close to those who matter to you?

Then why are there instances when people seem to be lost into a dark whirlpool. When they seem to forget that its about the small gestures of affection and care. Why do they seem to completely forget that any relation only works if both are ready to make efforts to keep it alive and not otherwise.

I guess not everyone gets you as they expect you to be. People get to have different shades of love. Some make them, the others break them.

You surely are a tangled mix of emotions and feelings, arenít you?

I really doubt anyone would be able to understand you completely. But then thatís the thing about you, everyone has got a different interpretation of yours. Everyone see you in a different light. Maybe thatís why itís said that ĎEverything is fair in love and warí.


The Wishing Well

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